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    CWGS works mainly involves in website design, development in the core areas of HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, Php, Wordpress, Foundation/ Bootstrap, etc. We are working from simple to responsive websites in e-commerce, retails, personal etc.

Expertise in,

CWGS Expertise Web Design and Development,

CWGS Expertise Web Application Development,

CWGS Expertise Web Support & Maintenance,

CWGS Expertise Webdomain Registration & Hostings

CWGS Expertise ECommerce solutions etc.

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CWGS Products

   Make your business succeed with Web Office Suite'2020. It is one-stop source of product to gain your customer satisfaction and monitor performance of your business. It has the following features

 *   Integration of Django Ecommerce CRM    *   Integration of Cryptocurrency    Implementation Period : 5 Days


CreativeWebGraphicSolutions - Web Office Suite'2020

Web Office Suite - "Get the perfect back-office support for your business with our Web Office Suite!"

   It is our Premium Product that meets all your back end support of the website / corporates / businesses etc. This product is designed for those who need administrative support in the industry that mainly deals with an invoice, clients and payment details etc. It has an enhanced functionality of mydashboard for analyzing the reports of your business. It is a must-have product for any business depends on the website.

Product Benefits:

-Premium product with enhanced functionality
-mydashboard for easy report analysis
-Ideal for businesses that rely on the website for operations

Pricing: $19/month/user or $99/month/10users

   Once the product is successfully integrated with your website, you can take advantage of the product features. The Web Office Suite'2020 provides greater flexibility of business so that your clients will appreciate your service and you will get very good feedback from him. Also, You can feel the difference in progress of your business with this office suite'2020.

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Web Office Suite Features

You can get best out of your business with your clients in the areas of,

1. Register and login with administrative or client Privileges

2. Create and View Invoice of your clients

3. Manage your client details online

4. Track the Payments online

5. Key Performance Indicator(KPI)'s for Sales/Marketing/Executive/Business

6. Mydashboard support functionality for analysing and improve your business performance etc

7. Support of Data Science, Data Visualization, Machine Learning & Deep Learning

8. Django Ecommerce Integration

9. Cryptocurrency Transactions Support

10. 30 Days Moneyback Guarantee

Minimum Requirement's are,

Office Suite'2020 works in any kind of website with minimum system requirements. Office Suite'2020 can be integrated with your business website. So, the basic website supports database functionality are suitable for integration of this product.

Registration Page CWGS login Page CWGS Client Page
Payment Page View Client View Payment
View Invoice Mydashboard ecommerceCRM Product Management Order Management Payment Management

Web Office Suite is perfect for all kinds of businesses. It can be used commercially with no limitations, and comes with an 1 year of free upgrades.

Deliverables : Zip file contains the "Web Office Suite'2020" Product